Samma van klaarbergen arstation web
Samma van klaarbergen arstation web closeside

Close ups

Samma van klaarbergen

Sketch with lines overlayed. This is the composition we started with

Samma van klaarbergen lines2

These are the ideas Josine came up with. We ended up with different facial expressions in the render

Samma van klaarbergen lines

Unfortunately the lady on the left didn't fit in the end. RIP.

Samma van klaarbergen color render8

We had a bunch of different directions when working on it. Still really like this WIP but we ended up taking it in a different direction. Can't win em all :)


A collab I've been working on with my friend Josine Kamstra. ( )

We wanted to create a magical piece that had a sense of wonder and childlike imagination. We wanted to play with scale and atmosphere and this is what came out of it. This is one of those pieces that I just spend a while on noodling and changing it however much I feel like it.

Character designs and line art done by Josine,
Composition and color/lighting by me
+ a bit of overlap on both

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