Koso Keikai, city of the vigilant
Samma van klaarbergen skycity4

Final piece. Though I struggled with the atmosphere a lot I'm really happy how it turned out

Samma van klaarbergen stepsskycioty

I started with a small sketch. Trying to focus on strong bold shapes that I could understand going into rendering. I made the model in Sketchup and lit it in Keyshot. Not sure keyshot is the best fit for me but It worked out okay in the end here.

Samma van klaarbergen

Value composition I used before starting with color and rendering. This step is very important to me since a bad value composition can ruin the most technically impressive piece

Samma van klaarbergen skycitygif2

The process of the piece. As you might be able to see I stuggled with the right color and mood. Wasn't happy with it until near the end so the process was pretty tough for me.

Koso Keikai, city of the vigilant

Built for only the surefooted, The city of Koso Keikai was never intended as a place to relax. It promoted clear thinking and a vigilant mindset. Even though one misstep could be fatal, it hasn't stopped some brave souls to completely find themselves.

I've been thinking of using 3D in my workflow for a while and this is my first attempt at doing so. Pretty excited how it turned out, Especially for a first attempt :)

I wanted to do something with simple bold shapes and bright and fresh colors. So I looked at 2 of my favourite games; Mirrors edge and Monument valley. Took something from both of them and ended up with my own thing ( I hope )

I wanted it to look like a breezy spring day but high up in the sky. I kept getting it to look like a nightscene even though I had bright colors. Since it was my first proper daylight scene I still had the mindset of creating a scene mainly by strong pointlights

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